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• 6/9/2015

World of Yonder 2

It's been decided that the next server of the SFMB shall be a new World of Yonder server, with some changes. As Djzman puts it:

"1st change is the portals will be permanently open now.
2nd change is there are no special crystals needed to control creatures for your armies.
The means that Dragons, Wyverns, Gryffins, will be a common sight.
I was thinking it could expand like the last one.
But we decided on 3 set map sizes
500x500 750x750 and 1000x1000
There will however be a requirement for units.
You must build a building over certain resource points.
To acquire certain units.
This is where the crystals will come in.
You will mine power crystals.
Think High fantasy, meets sci fi
like asgard from Marvel.
Before the crystals were special magical items.
i'm reforming them to just be a source of power.
―Djzman, in the SFMB Skype Conversation.

That said, mechanics aside, there remains the matter of the maps. Yonder is a unique server in that it uses multiple maps, multiple worlds, and that we have portals between them (this time permanently open). There are currently already some competing suggestions for the map, and that's where this thread comes in: post below your map ideas (descriptions and, if you see fit, drawings and similar images) and as they pile up the admins and the community will discuss them and figure out what's best.

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• 6/9/2015

I have a proposal to have a faction that manages a defense for civilization against any outside threats like the Night's Watch from Game of Thrones. That faction could be perfected once a RP lore is made and a map is made, just a proposal. 

• 6/9/2015

I originally posted this to the admin chat (then quoted it a few other places because I have no shame in pushing my idea), but here's one idea I had, originally started off as an idea for a server of its own but since evolving quickly into a possible WoY world:

Darmoe Map

The structures marked would be abandoned, from a long fallen empire that controlled the region, and in them would be secrets and treasures - in the big castle at the bottom-left I want to have a portal that leads to a small cave world like we had at the Spooky Scary Cave server (probably just a small tunnel that leads up to a cavern, perhaps with a big "bottomless" pit in the middle no doubt with something scary hiding in it). Then the deeper parts of the ocean would no doubt have scary things hiding in them too.

For the cave world, it'd be a smaller one and probably better built than the halloween server, but maybe it'd look something like...


There would be the pit in that chamber on the lower-left, which I showed kind of how it looks in the top left corner, then up top there'd be deep water (perhaps there's a tunnel under the water leading out? Wouldn't be usable, obviously, in fact it could be caved in or some big monster could be guarding it), then a little bit of tunnel off to no where down on the right just so the map doesn't feel too small. There could be those glowing crystals we had from the Halloween server all throughout it, though how that's done I guess depends on what Dj wants since he has crystals as an actual thing in this server already.

• 6/18/2015

Is 3D stuff allowed? Below was written back in March.

DarkIvor wrote:
We all love sky world. I would like it being divided into 3 pieces.

The lower part, is always plagued by storms and windy weathers. No sunlight reaches there. The storms gives power to some sort of machinery, which could be used as a relic everyone fights about.

The central part is nice and the best place to live. It is here most people will be.

The highest is cold, though being closest to the sun. There is no clouds floating around up there, only ice.

The world is surrounded by a shell of Ice, and a cold sunlike thing at the top. Where does heat come from? Storms? no idea.

Other than that, you can fly in fantasy airships.

So I decided to move the idea into here.

1: Portal

2: The lower island. Here could be a crystal mine

3: A forever going storm. Don't fly into this, unless you know what you're doing. The light grey below the storm are stormclouds which aren't directly affected by the storm.

4: The middle islands. Nice temperate place.

5: Floating ice. Is cold.

6: An isolated area within a glass dome. Temperate.

Edit: I also remember you asked; how is this done. Well roblox added this nice model tool:



Remember space

Bottom of the crystal.

Crystal color

Remember correct color.


Then we split it, remember correct color.

Red brick

Then we make the first part of splitting the sphere.

Where did the brick go.

*press union* The sphere feels beheaded.

Crystal or oversized burger.

Made two half-spheres and a cylinder.

It worked

*press union* Looks like a real brick.

Slightly bigger

Then we make a bit bigger crystal.

We now have 2

Two crystals.

Transparency on a union does weird things

Transparent for visual effect.

The moment we all waited for

Then we're ready to union..


Cri.. RQ'ed and haven't used studio since.

• 6/30/2015

Oh, well, I mean, that's kind of easy


Though to get it hollow I had to cut a little hole in the bottom, not 100% sure why but just one of the quirks of solid modeling


And, much to my surprise actually, you can walk inside it too (I expected it to, despite looking hollowed out, act like a solid brick, solid modeling likes to do that sort of stuff sometimes)


The main problem with this though are the ghost surfaces, that is to say in a lot of parts you'll find yourself walking on thin air (more quirks, solid modeling: you gotta love it, but it doesn't quite love you)


Another issue I see with this I suppose is just how people will get between the different islands and what not? Introducing some sort of flight could be buggy or laggy or get in the way of building.

(Oh, and by the way, you didn't have to cut those spheres in half, you could of just unioned them with the cylinders as they were. Also, if you look in the properties, there's an option to use the brick color, so you can recolor unions.)

• 6/30/2015

Uh, when I started minibuilding, you had, some tools, and, edit mesh with increments of 0.1, and c-frame with increments of 0.1.

I'm never gonna understand this new stuff, but looks cool.

*EDIT* I didnt actually have editmesh and c-frame when I started

• 7/8/2015
Worlds of Yonder 2 map

WoY 7/7

Worlds of Yonder 2 map1

WoY 8/7

Worlds of Yonder 2 map3

WoY 13/7

Map for those interested
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