On Page Recycling & Deletion

So I've noticed a continuing trend on here that I've found a little concerning: members have an awful habit of either deleting the content of a page and renaming it something silly or totally recycling the page for their next faction, and I say this is an awful habit because that hurts the goals behind having a wiki for the Sci-Fi Mini Builders and her project, the Stellar Adventures Project.

Ultimately the goal of the wiki should be to work to preserve the history of our group, work to record and make easily accessible abundant information on present and past canon, and to show off the creative work of users past and current, but when you delete a page or replace it with something silly or recycle it for a brand new sort of page we lose all of that history and old information and creative work.

That said, I'd like to urge all members to please keep the following in mind:

  • It's OK to make new pages! You don't need to rename your page and replace its content when you make a new empire, even if you aren't satisfied with how your rule over your last faction ended we'd still love to preserve it!
  • So what if the page is no longer relevant? You likely still put a lot of work into that faction or what ever else the page may be covering and we'd certainly still love to preserve our history, including your own role in it, so why replace the content with "deleted" and rename it "useless" when you could just leave it be for the rest of us to enjoy?
  • It's not just your work you're deleting there, friend! This is ultimately a community project, we all collaborate together to make it what it is and I can hardly think of anyone who doesn't ultimately interact with and shape their roleplay along side others. Think of it like a group science project, you wouldn't go tear up the mock volcano you and your partners made, so why would you destroy what we've worked together on here?
  • We reserve the right to remember! Just as we have museums and documentaries and home videos and photo albums (hey, remember those?) to help us remember our past, whether as a community or as individuals, we as a group have this wiki and the group wall to help maintain a record of our past and help us preserve our memories, both good and bad. I don't know about you, but I think it would be awful if we forgot all about the Hyperborean Accord or the Natrail or Laginia or any other aspect of the original incarnation of the Stellar Adventures Project, or even to forget aspects about our more recent history, but unfortunately human memory is fallible and we need records like this to help us hold on to the fun and neat things we've done!

So I strongly urge members to PLEASE stop slaughtering pages left and right, have a heart, click the Contribute button!