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My Truth of plight: The Nividian Story.

This issue has risen one too many times in SAP. Applying modern rules to ancient events, I'm investgating the SAP's past to truly understand the nature of the SAP's greatest dramaqueen: Nividia, and hopefully bring forth the truth about the events that led the people of Irisia onto this horrid, horrid slope.

As of 1/30/2015, the SAP started on page 2095 of the wall. I begin my investigation, by remembering the first official RP of the second SAP.

July 31st, midnight. [January state of the union address to the UEG by Prime Minister Julian Vidivici, 2700.]

[-UEG-] [-The Prime Minister is about to speak from the Senate building on the day of 2700 years passing. There is a pause before a camera shifts to the Prime minister, and following a brief session of clapping, he begins. "Our people have endured a great struggle throughout the course of history. Countless times has man been pitted against his fellow by greed. Greed has corrupted man many times before. But we are strong, and the goodness of our nature has drawn us together here, today, in unity and peace, at the turn of another century. This one is like no other in our recent history, for the first time in over 150 years, peace, and prosperity surround our people. The year two thousand and seven hundred is a year of reconstruction, and rebirth of our once more found unity. This is a year of rediscovery too. As the Terran Colonial Union continues to reconstruct what was lost during our great war, we come ever more closer to re establishing contact with our lost colonies." The Prime Minister pauses as the crowd on the plaza below breaks out into cheers and loud applaud. He raises his hand and the crowd goes silent. "I am pleased to announce that this here bill, The Jovian Naval Re-purposing Act will transform the Jovian Auxiliary fleet, into the the Outer Colonial Reconnaissance Division. Headed by Captain Emilly Anesko, this division will explore the former colonies of our Union, and represent our people, if they so happen to come upon survivors." The captain steps forward and salutes before returning to her position in a line of other captains."Today this momentous bill has passed. And without further ado, I shall sign it into action." The crowd cheers wildly as the prime minister places the bill down on his podium and signs the bill. "May our future be brightened by a rekindling of lost friendships, and our continued prosperity." The prime minister waves goodbye, and returns inside after shaking the hands of the captains behind him.-]

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Oh shit forgot I had unmanned frigates... Thanks for bringing that up sirl. :DD

You guys are in for a real treat. March is when our favorite little punching bag visits Earth, and a lot of animosity builds inexplicably towards him. A lot of unnecessary scorn is thrown Digby's way. Keep in mind, through out all of this, Digby comes to Earth and peacefully leaves, he's one of the three first factions that enters Sol's SOI. The Khaldyr and the Avernon are the others, The Khaldyr, a T-1 come to earth with warships as well. I find it hypocritical that denliner would point out on this day that Digby is a malevolent leader when he himself enters Earth's SOI with cruisers and frigates of his own.


Maerz, 2700. [8-2-14]

--Epsilon Indi sends a delegation to the Alpha Centauri system. The UEG and the Independent Colony of Epsilon Indi discuss re-integration into the Union, as well as bridging the hundreds of years of missing history. The JAAF enters the final stages of preparation, shipping out in the next two weeks as the OCRD for Antares.

*--The Keisari attains Earth's location. Two fleets: the 1st Invasion Fleet and the Covert Assault Fleet are sent to Earth as a display of the nation's miltary prowess in the absence of Earth leadership, and as first contact.

--The Khaldyr discover a human derelict vessel in space, they begin datamining any information left on the computers. Continued research on stem cells leads many Programs to think that they are capable of creating an Organic-Synthetic Khaldyr Unit. This could be a leap forward for them.

--Nividian warships make a quick stop in the fringes of Alpha centuari before continuing onto Sol. With Centuari FASMRs damaged from the civil war, the fleet goes unnoticed as it speeds toward Earth.

--The Khaldyr discover Earth's location on a dated starmap inside the derelict vessel. They begin to prepare a first-contact fleet. Development on a hydrogen hyper plasma beam, a super focused beam that damages warships by penetrating the armor and rapidly expanding, continues with the complete destruction of a Khaldyr battleship in one hit.

--Nividian vessels enter Sol's sphere of influence. Many of Earth's defenses are put on alert, The 1st and 2nd Earth Defense fleets are put on alert, and ihe Inner Belt battlegroup is set on alert. Earth's Outer Orbital Defense Grid is activated, creating a 50,000km no-fly zone around Earth. Mass confusion and excitement swathes the colonies and Earth, many people and news sources calling the event "first contact."

--The Keisari orders his investigating fleets to enter Sol's sphere of influence. The CAF is undetected, closer to earth, and on standby, patiently awaiting orders. The 1st Invasion fleet sits farther out, safe from the Outer Orbital Defense Grid. The fleet begins to hail Earth in French.

--This causes confusion within the UEG's military, despite this, the vessels are ordered to identify themselves. The engine signatures of the vessels are documented by the CAANC.

**--The Covert Assault Fleet leaves Earth's orbit, leaving some scrap metal in HEO.

--The Eridani government orders ships from its state heading to Sol to turn back immediately. Its navy is on red-alert. Five battlecruisers arrive in Sol's SOI to reinforce the UEG's fleets within two days.

--The Nividians begin to broadcast in English, this is noted by UEG communications officers, who begin to wonder the origins of these warships. Some of the Nividian warships receive encoded instructions to put their ships on alert. Impatience grows, the fleet demands an answer in two hours.

--Eridani reinforcements arrive, just as Khaldyr ships enter system. The 20 vessels from E.Eridani take formation with Earth's defense forces. CAANV Everest and CAANV New Essen approach the Khaldyr vessels and demand they identify themselves. The Khaldyr's 2 cruisers and 5 frigates state their mission is to initiate a first contact. The delegation is peaceful.

--The Irisian forces state their presence in Sol is peaceful in intent. They also mention they are on a schedule. Meanwhile, the Khaldy begin to look into Slip space technology after observing its effieciency in Human vessels. E.Eridani's small task force sent to make note of the Khaldyr returns to formation.

--The Khaldyr are wise to avoid the UEG's standoff with the Nividians. No shots are ever fired, and Joseph Murray of the E.Eridani Fleet answers an age of question of theirs: Who won the Colonial Civil War Period?

Footnotes :: 

Many people in SAP attribute this move to apparent warmongering, and criticize Digby for doing something so 'aggressive.' As we've learned through studying the past, Denliner, infact, sent warships to Earth as his delegation, and in later RPs, many people used warships to initiate relations between themselves and another player state. I believe Digby was following in Teddy Roosevelt's "carry a big stick" foreign policy method.

** People got up in arms about this: "*the scrap pieces crash into earth*","*they crash around the same area in the ocean*" Did you note the asterisks? It was un-canon, but alas, many people took this as serious RP. I never considered it such. denliner and a few others even thought the metal hit the planet, travelling 50,000km instantly to hit Earth. It just sounds like people want him dead, and for no reason. Kind of messed up, am I right?


Will need to shed more light on this, as both Digby and Denliner have done pretty controversial stuff.


That was actually pretty well played by Denliner. (The part where he managed to get away with it and discriminate Digby.

Ninjatherealguy wrote:
Will need to shed more light on this, as both Digby and Denliner have done pretty controversial stuff.

I was thinking the same thing, but I kept my mouth shut because a lot of people think I'm out to get Den. That being said, I usually only pick on him for things against the rules, godmod and power gaming. Maybe by clearing Digby's name would make him less aggressive and more reasonable


I've always found this Den-Digby controversy interesting. I think Lavi's right. It might change his attitude to those around him, hopefully


I plan to cover up to the most recent Nividian-Whoever conflict.


Sirlegolot wrote: I plan to cover up to the most recent Nividian-Whoever conflict.


If that's what is currently going on.

It was more along the lines of Nividian-HNE/URSS

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