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• 1/5/2015

Alpha Quadrant Council of Nations (FOR MEMBERS ONLY)

Proposal 1:

Aldebaran Resolution 1.1

Proposed By: Sobornost

Information: Establishment of Basic Rights for Individuals. Abolishment of Slavery. Adapted to most known cultures.

wiki page: http://scifiminibuilders.wikia.com/wiki/Alpha_Quadrant_Council_of_Nations

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• 1/19/2015

You are really quoting Bible verses?  My god, you are idiotic. The Bible is not meant to be taken literal. I'll tell you this. It's okay to stone people because:

I wear two kinds of fabrics at once? 

I planted two crops in the same field? 

I looked at a woman funny? 

Please do not quote a book of hypocrisy and paradoxes (I'm not being blasphemous toward Christianity, I've had classes in the Bible, I'm speaking from experience.). I can make you an idiot in seconds. 

And a crime isn't just a crime, their is causes, reasons and events leading to them. Your society would have to be brainwashed to accept these ideals. I'm done with your ignorance, you want to condemned your Empire, fine by me. 

• 1/19/2015

After a criminal is seen as guilty by a court of law, he is guilty of said crime. Yes there is reasons and events, and that is viewed before a court of law. 

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• 1/19/2015

Taking into account logical fallacies. The choice between death or slavery is a choice between loss of life or loss of life. It is simply a choice on where your life goes. Toward the betterment of NOD or into the vast oblivion. So while it is a choice. It is in no way a fair choice. NOD is seeming more and more like north Korea of the galaxy which would make khaldyr China. -Djzman

• 1/19/2015

UKK is of switzerland, except with lotsa guns.

• 1/19/2015
You won't die depending on what job you have as a slave. You are freed back into society after 30 years.
• 1/19/2015

In technical conflict with the resolution, the Empire of Nod is in no way doing so. However, the empire's methods are questionable and if they do become a problem to the entirety of the quadrant, which is quite unlikely, then we shall do something about it. However, as of now, the Empire of Nod is not in conflict; I repeat, the EMPIRE OF NOD IS NOT IN CONFLICT.  

• 1/20/2015
What you are doing is debted labor not slavery spartan. There is a significant difference.
• 1/20/2015

Learn Lawyerese, it will take you far, Spartan. For example, I shall expand upon my current PoW policy to leave fewer loopholes:

Upon a unit of soldiers taking on prisoners of war in the field of battle, be they enemy combatants of any kind(This does not include civil crimes committed by convicts or criminals inside of the Union, as that is handled by either Military Police or Civil Police), said prisoners will be taken into Indentured Servitude for an accepted general minimum of 6 years or War's End(If said hypothetical war is concluded before the 6 year term is up, the prisoner/indentured servant is still required to serve their 'sentence').

Indentured Servants are assigned their 'owners' via lottery among applicants, usually officers or wealthy persons. The owner is always military.

Due to both Sentient Rights acts and ancient Tacron Clan laws. Due to the latter, Indentured Servants are considered 'ransom' and war trophies.

Indentured Servants are afforded basic sentient rights(i.e. food, shelter, medical care(basic), etc.) and whatever additional rights that are afforded to them by their owner, but lack societal rights (Voting, right to trial(Owner takes responsibility of the actions of the Indentured Servant), right to carry a weapon, or a personal defense system above Grade 1).

Indentured Servants are, as dictated by adapted Clan Law, afforded all the respect and honor that an enemy combatant is owed, as they have bled for their ideal, whatever it may be, and will be treated well, so long as it does not infringe upon previously established points.

Owners are expected to take care of their possessions both physically and psychologically, and are to refrain from unwarranted physical and/or psychological abuse of any kind, exceptions being when said abuse is provoked(Assault upon family member by Indentured Servant).

Finally, the indentured servant, to revisit an earlier point, after either War's End OR 6 years of servitude(Once again, if said hypothetical war were to end BEFORE 6 year tenure is complete, Indentured Servant is to serve out remaining years before given the proceeding options),is to be given the option to A)Return to whatever home and/or family they had before being taken into Servitude, B) Become a citizen of the [URSS], with the option of joining the Armed Forces after 5 years of citizenry and thorough security checks and confirmations, or C) Stay in service to owning family, with the stipulation that said servant is no longer a possession but an employee, and shall be given all the benefits and payments of such status.

...so, that's my try at lawyerese, might help you.

• 1/25/2015
With a clear majority voting in favor of Aldebaran Resolution 1.1. The proposal has passed and is now in effect all Nations which have to make adjustments to their legal systems have a 6 month timeframe to do so if exceeded sanctions will follow first mild and becoming ever tougher as time goes by.
• 1/28/2015

Lantean high council votes in favor of the Aldebaran Resolution 1.1

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