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Show Off Your Arts Stuffs

So, it doesn't seem too unreasonable to have a place for people to show off some of the neat stuff they've drawn, in this case space stuff but I suppose other stuff would be fine too. I know I'm not the only one who makes stuff, so I'd hope to at least see some response to this...

That said, here's some of my stuff:


Test Planet 5

Space 4

Galaxy Map TopGalaxy Map Side


An Industrial World

Edge of System


Stelaria Solar Map (Grid)

Stelaria Solar Map 2.0

Test Planet 1

Test Planet 2 Space 4

Test Planet 2.1

Test Planet 3

Yangiri Prime Solar Map

Yangiri Rogue Planet 500 x 500 Blue Nebula

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Tex, indeed. In fact, here's another Advent ship, I designed it recently.

Advent super dreadnought

The ultimate Advent weapon.

Surprisingly Human

What the hell do you expect? Studs and flares and whatnot? The fuck am I, a fetish display?

Peacekeeper12 wrote:
What the hell do you expect? Studs and flares and whatnot? The fuck am I, a fetish display?


Maybe my next ship designs will look like onaholes. Who knows?

It's late, but a new addition!

Duke-Type Armor
That bolter though.
ISIS can into Caliph
I mentioned this drawing a while ago in the admin chat on Skype. Here it is.

It was taken on a phone.