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Mira Laime
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United Council for Human Interests Resolution board ((FOR PARTAKING MEMBERS ONLY))

Resolution 001 - Humanity and Known Space

Recognizing the differences between human cartography

Addressing the handicap of discommunicated knowledge

Hereby proposes the creation of a human cartographer's guild.

Resolution 002 - Irisian Ownership and Secession

Recognizing the disputed claim of Irisia between the Xelryion Empire and the SC.

Recognizing the United Earth Government as the de facto and current holder of said system

Addressing the future ownership of the system

Hereby proposes the UCHI arbitrate the colony's future.

Resolution 003 - Human bodies and Extraterrestrial Recoverment

Identifying Human bodies as living or deceased individuals of Homo Sapiens and subspecies thereof.

Recognizing the possession of deceased human beings by other races

Disgusted by the treatment of human bodies in the hands of extraterrestrials

Hereby Proposes a collective appeasement to extraterrestrials demanding the return of their collections of human bodies to human governments for burial or releasement.


Identifying The conflict that has arisen over the past months has caused significant damage.

Recognizing The perpetrators as the Sobornost and Corporate Enclaves

Appalled By their treatment of a fellow Human state, and UCHI member

Hereby proposes a series of joint punishments for the Sobornost and Corporate Enclaves

RECOGNIZATION of Corporate Alliance sovereignty

DENOUNCING The Sobornost and Corporate Enclaves

ENFORCING A Joint embargo of the two states

DEMANDING War reparations payed to the Corporate Alliance

SUSPENDING The Sobornost and Enclave delegations from voting on this and the next ten resolutions

CREATING A demilitarized zone consituting of UEG and Kasterbourean vessels.

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[CE] Upon the current tensions between CE and CA the CE representative offers a pending for proposition everyone to consider.

Proposition 001

Identifying that the CA are a clear and evident threat to Human space and the possibility of them attacking SN and CE fleets on the CE / CA border.

Requesting that CE and SN de-buffs *sanctions and reparations* be removed if the CA attack first

im bad at documents :L

[CA] Due to massive military build up by CE and its allies on the  Corporate Alliances border we offer the resolution to the issue

Identifying that the CE and its allies on the border are posing a serious threat with 351k+ warships and have requested we co operate with their proposals or else be invaded we believe they must be dealt with

Requesting that the CE and SN be forced to not have military vessels with in 2 sectors of the border and that the border have peacekeepers and heavy turret installations and increased security for all persons in transit between both sides

Sobornost proposes organizing a new elcetion to determine CA's membership in the council.
Sobornost '''demands''' punishment on CA for assassinating Sobornosti generals.

The CA demands proof of the accusation but thry knoe  know of rogue agents.

SN sends a security footage showing the culprit murdering the General wearin pirate insignias and technology not found on pirates as another piece of footage from the pirate hideout clearly showing the lack of the culprit and the equipment. The only known factions to use that kindof technologyare Sobornost and Ca but Sobornost's devices are too large to be handheld.

The Eldari also give the Sobornosti the memory of Veras from the KN-ES-CA meeting through a psionic link, and give them a psionic shard to project the memory.


The CA state that they have captured the rogue agents and have punished them for their crimes.(They would be executed most likely)


Boy, That escalated quickly.

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