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Mira Laime
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Callisto Convention of 2703 ((FOR PARTAKING MEMBERS ONLY))

This will be where human players who attended will  discuss the events of the Callisto Convention.

As we know the UEG proposed an alliance -subject to change- that would bring human states participating closer to a unifed Human state. This bill was initially called the Confederate Human Imperium, and the name has since been changed to the United Council for Human Interests.

The bill's intentions are quite straight forward, create the basis for total Human reunification through:

-A unifed currency, dubbed the Sol Standard Which would be brought in over time.

-A Strong military alliance between participating states

-Massive technology swaps to modernize human states -- this part is optional

-Open trade between participating states

-Open commericial passage

-Compilation of star data to form a local galactic map.

So those who partook look this thread over and propose ideas and let me know here if you've agreed to join the council.

Partaking Members:

-United Kingdom of Aeimaio (Canon, post made)

-Unified Earth Government (Canon, Post made)

-Sobornost (Canon, post made)

-Vesperian Alliance (Canon, post made)

-Kasterborous (Canon, post made)

-Corporate Enclaves (Canon, post made)

-Empire of Nod (Canon, post made)

-The Corporate Alliance (Canon, post made)

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HQ to Earth if unified state happens then multi-party parliamentary system? I want some power on decisions so it wouldn't turn into something bad.


HQ in Paris, Madrid, or San Fransisco.

Aemaio would glady participate in such council.

Yea. Nevermind.


"Come together, races of man, parties of people. Put your faith into Humanity. For far too long petty differences has held back our potential! Put your faith in to your brethren! Put your faith into this bill!" -Delegate of the Unified Earth Government, Callisto Conventions, 2703.

Sobornost will sign the Bill of whatever it is.
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