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How Many Settlements?

Should we limit how many settlements people can build in a system?

If so, to how many? 1? 3? 9,000?

If we're allowing more than 1 settlement per system, how do we show them on the map without completely and totally redoing it and displaying nearly microscopic planets?

If we do limit settlements and it's more than 1, should we limit the type as well? Like, say, if it's three we limit it to only one that's above CT-4 (say, a city), one that's below CT-4 (say, a town), and one military base?

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How about once population on a planet gets a certain size settlements below town don't count as a settlement?

Can we go for like 10 per system even 5, the thing is I wish to stay in my one system. and I also intend to make more settlements and I'm already at 4..... Please just make a higher limit :L. And @Suspicious Fish. I'm realistic.... Though I don't make that many sttelements, I claim my planet population to be 1.6 billion, and don't worry, I don't spam military -_- I only have 2 small defense fleets and fighters, and my military numbers at just 500 000 men :L Nothing compared to anyone else, yet I seem to build more settlements then everyone else :P

I just started buillding a settlement.

How about we 'make' one notable, important settlement for the PLANET its' on.  Maybe just give passing mention to more settlements being on the planet it resides on.  Or, if you don't want to build a settlement for every planet, just one really important city in the system and then just write a bio on the others in it?  We don't need unimportant cities known, but things like major spaceports, important industrial centers, or  large military bases.  It doesn't even have to be the entire city, either, if you think about it.  Just put a chunk of the settlement as a showcase.  I only showcase southern Azmund, and just one piece of Moso Chruun and Essyn.  P.S. My most important center of knowledge is named after a carrot.


I know this disscussion is old, but I hope you raise the limit or somehow compromise it, I would love to have ONE big city and small villages/farms around 


In essence you could consider that actually a part of the big city depending on how far you intend to have it. Mostly though one city per planet seems very simple, unless you have other ideas?

Well my race is spreading very thin so having one big city will be problem unless I can somehow connect all the small settlements and just call them one big area "City"

What if my species is unable to reproduce on foreign planets ? 

Well nevermind that was stupid idea.. because it would apply only for me... well okay I guess I will limit my cities.
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