[CONTEST] Logo and Rank Names [Closes 10th] [Voting Following Weekend]

Official Contest:

The group is in a state of flux these days, change is in the air! Our population slowly grows, we're seeing lots of awesome new faces contributing and being active, we're getting more outside attention (our allies list continuing to grow), and so much more. As such, it only seemed fitting that we begin to remodel some things to match up with our other recent changes, a new look to go with it all. What's more important to our look than our ranks and our logo? The description has been cleaned up, the upper and more misc. ranks have been sorted out for the most part, we're about to begin the process of getting new PBS's up, so with this all being done we're going to let YOU, reader, member, help us decide how to name the ranks you're no doubt in and design the logo you'll be roleplaying and building under!

What To Do?:

Between now and Friday, May 10th, 2013, contact Texar with a logo for the group, a set of six names to be used for the primary ranks, or even both.

  • Logos will need to be 400x400, 500x500, or 600x600, ideally PNG though other formats may be acceptable, if you don't have a decent program to use I'd advise Paint.Net (PDN) or perhaps GIMP, both of which are free to download and use and either of which can be really great for creating decent images.
  • Logos must also be relevant to the group and its theme in some way, obviously we're not going to have, say, a wooden colonial ship as our logo, we're the Sci-Fi Mini Builders not the Colonial Era Minibuilders (who seem pretty cool, despite their not being us =P).
  • Ranks should make at least some sense and seem at least fairly appropriate for the group and its theme, try to keep it so they go well together.


  • This contest will last from now until Friday, May 10th, 2013.
  • Entries will be reviewed that weekend.
  • Winners will be announced for the two categories likely either Sunday, May 12th, or Monday, May 13th. Rewards would be rewarded around that time.


Winners for this contest will receive a few things, we won't give you a key to the group or a diamond-encrusted gold-plated toilet seat but there's a bit of incentive here:

  • Standard Package (Promotion, Perks At PBS's, Recognition & Admiration From All, Permission To Briefly Hug Jesus Turtle, A Restraining Order After Hugging Jesus Turtle Too Long)
  • A Surprise (To Be Revealed)


You can find submitted entries up for consideration for selection HERE.