Group Changes

The Sci-Fi Mini Builders is now officially undergoing several changes. For the most part, this is just a tune up, the group has been mostly left as it is for quite a while and a nicer, cleaner, more uniform look is desired. You won't wake up tomorrow to discover the group is suddenly a hair salon (in space, of course) but, if all goes well, you will find the group to be noticeably different (in a good way).

Here is a list of most changes presently under way, planned, or already made:

1.] The "Pending" rank is gone and the manual approval feature is now in place; the rank ultimately seemed a bit pointless and I needed to recycle it for change #3.

2.] The rank numbers have been adjusted; just spacing things out a bit, not like this is something anyone would notice but still noting it anyways.

3.] Two divider ranks have been added ("Pending" was made into one, the other was bought), separating the main ranks from the administrative/diplomatic ranks at the bottom (top if you're in "Group Admin") and the more miscellaneous ranks at the top; I've seen this in other groups and ultimately decided it's a fit for our ranks given these three rank groupings don't necessarily blend together well (it was weird going from unnumbered ranks to numbered ranks back to unnumbered ranks).

4.] All rank descriptions have been changed; just adding a basic description for each rank and what not, again not likely this is something anyone would notice but noting it none the less (though admins may find it helpful when ranking people).

5.] All rank powers have been adjusted; noteworthy changes include that Tier 1 ranks (those administrative/diplomatic ranks mentioned earlier) have been given a bit more power in a show of good faith and that those Tier 2 ranks (the main ranks) reserved for super active or more veteran members have been given a few extra abilities (it pays to be active and stay with us).

6.] Tier 2 ranks and the executive co-leader rank (formerly "Administrators") now have filler names ("#. NAME ME!" and "WHO'S THAT POKEMON?") until new ones are issued; I wanted to change these up but aren't quite settled on what to replace their former names with, perhaps this shall be a potential contest? We'll see, either that or I'll ask for some suggestions.

7.] A new logo is now underway; the one we have now is nice, I like it at least, but it has its flaws and I feel a new design would be ideal, something a bit cleaner and simplistic. Input for what it should look like or even submissions are welcome.

8.] Those in the "House Arrest-ee" rank have been ranked up to Tier 2, Rank 1; these people have been there for a while and the rank was just meant to be for temporary punishment (a slap on the wrist) so if they did something serious enough to warrant not letting them back into the general population I suppose, should they cause trouble again, it'll just be my fault for forgetting to exile them from the start.

9.] The "Board of Affairs" rank is now "Board Member", the rank shall be seeing increase power, responsibility, and use, and it is now officially recognized as the "legislative" co-leader rank of the group (it makes new policy and rules where as the formerly "Administrator" rank is the "executive" co-leader rank in that they enforce said policy/rules); I realize I've been neglecting the Board a bit, I sort of gave up hope when gathering a successful meeting began to seem a bit hopeless, let's see if we can get things back in order shall we?

10.] The Board of Affairs shall be set about establishing an official complete list of rules (for both the group, its RP projects, and its places) as well as determining whether we should reform the wiki and enacting such reforms should we decide to do so; it'd be nice to have a complete list of rules around with maybe some suggested punishments for violations and our wiki is a bit... eh... right now.

11.] The Board Head now has two votes under regular circumstances and a third should a tie occur; just making it easier to get results.

12.] The Board of Affairs shall be set about reviewing our present RP project practices and decide whether we should move RP and/or establish new policy/practices (such as some sort of log on the wiki to record all RP); can't hurt to at least review the matter.

This list is not necessarily complete so if I suddenly also turn the group into a dairy farm and that's not on the list, well, whoops... Moo...