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• 2/27/2013

[CONTEST] PBS Concept Suggestions [Closes 2nd] [Voting Ends 6th]

Official Contest:

As I've just gotten Builders Club, I feel a PBS, or Private Build Server, is in order for the Sci-Fi Mini Builders; our FIRST. Because this is something everyone should be able to use, I want it to have at least some input from the members. So, hence this contest.

What To Do: Submit an idea for a PBS, whether it be just an alien world with a mideival era or it be some big, extensive, complex server based on conquering the universe, to me either on the wall, in a message, or here. You can submit ANYTHING (even that we make it based on, say, a show you like) so long as it has a sci-fi theme of some sort (remember: sci-fi doesn't necessarily mean just space and aliens, there's SOOOOO much more to the genre!).

Closes: You will no longer be able to submit suggestions by March 2nd.

Voting Starts: Members will vote on a group of ideas of my choosing, voting commences on March 3rd.

Voting Ends: Voting will closed sometime late March 6th, giving members a good few days to vote.

Reward(s): The winner of this contest will be given admin at the PBS and be the very first to decide where they start - getting to see it before the server is even released for public use.

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• 3/5/2013

Update: Members may now vote on what server they want HERE.

• 3/7/2013


The vote is here by officially over, we thank all members not only for their awesome submissions but for taking the time to vote!

Now comes the fun part... Figuring out which option won!


With this vote, I chose to ask for your top three (glares at titanic23456) for a particular reason: options. There's three ways I can count your votes:

  • I can go off of which of your first choices has the most votes (which is option 2);
  • I can go off of which option got the most overall votes (which is option 1);
  • Or, I can go with an Instant Run-Off type style, in which case option 2 wins.

This said, it comes down to simply two options: 31st century Earth (option 2) or MasterDarthWaffle's PBS (option 1). So... Why not both?


Seeing as only two options (1 and 2) present themselves as popular choices, both in their own right coming out on top, I have decided to go with both.

  • The first PBS to go up will be option 1, seeing as it is already complete and may only require some slight modifications before being put up.
  • The second PBS will take time to put together (I'd like to make my own map, it won't match modern Earth entirely so as to adjust for climate change and humanities impact on the terrain) and would ideally be ready to launch when the first PBS is beginning to lose its steam (as most usually do), which will no doubt be AT LEAST several weeks.
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