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Mira Laime
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• 2/25/2013

Board Decision #003

On the matter of: Establishing an official contest.

The Board has decided that: With the most votes recieved, getting two votes, the option of "have the Board gather to discuss the timeline and parameters of an official contest as well as what the rewards will be" is here-by passed.

Additional conditions passed: An official meeting shall be organized as soon as possible or hastily conducted the moment the oppurtunity arises.

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• 5/2/2013

Let it be noted that this matter has been reviewed.

A ruling has been established.

With 60% (3) of votes in favor, 20% (1) against, and 20% (1) abstained, it has been ruled that the following shall be enacted:

  • An official contest WILL be held.
  • Said contest will last for a period of 2 weeks.
  • The topic of the contest will be "the best SAP settlement built".
  • Prizes for the contest will include a promotion (if possible), a bonus within the SAP RP (to be determined later), and a surprise (to be reveled at conclusion of contest).
  • Judges for the contest will consist of Grand Chancellor Texar and randomly selected Council/Board members whom have not entered the contest.

There was a 40% attendance recorded, 60% of the Board did not participate in this vote.

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