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• 2/25/2013

Board Decision #002

On the matter of: Granting the Board the right to conduct official matters on these forums, rather than solely in person in a party or in some other sort of meeting while maintaining attendance requirements in the form of the number of votes submitted.

The Board has decided that: With two votes for "Yes", two votes for "gather the board to further discuss and modify this proposal", and one vote for "No", the Board has not come to a concensus on this matter.

General rules dictate the Board Head serves as a tie breaker.

General rules were not in place for this vote as special circumstances were declared.

The Board Head here-by hesitantly withdraws his vote for the option of "Yes", establishing a majority vote for "gather the board to further discuss and modify this proposal".

Additional conditions passed: A meeting will be arranged as soon as possible or hastily conduncted the moment the oppurtunity arises.

The Board Head asks that it be noted that he strongly disaproves of the Board's decision and that attendance has proven to be a significant dilemia in conducting Board affairs - the issue prompting the Proposal.

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• 5/2/2013

Let it be noted that the matter has been reviewed.

A ruling has been established:

With 71% (5) of votes against the motion and 29% (2) of votes in favor of it, the Board has ruled to NOT allow this motion.

There was a 40-50% attendance recorded, 50-60% of the Board did not participate in this vote.

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