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Mira Laime
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• 2/19/2013

Board Proposal: Forum Roleplay Section

Well, I was thinking whynot have a section of the forums dedicated to just roleplay ? Therefor players could easily make post, topics and such and players can easily respond and such. Not only would this create a sense of closed-enviroment but a sense of communal growth.

Example: Ponetia Creates a topic. [Invasion Of Fartlordis' Planet]

The Annunaki Confederacy sends out the following warships:

3 Destroyer-Class Remnant Dividers

etc, etc.

The Annunaki Confederacy sends out the following ground forces:

3,000 Annuanki Zealots.

Example sites are: http://w11.zetaboards.com/intswrp/index/

I actually use to roleplay on that site before, when I sucked at roleplaying. Over the months I learend how to better myself, But I wouldn't recommend diverting attention away from SFMB to that website.

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• 2/25/2013

This idea occurred to me but I must state I strongly stand against it as it drives activity away from the wall, makes the community decentralized, and would pose problems for new members not aware of how to reach these forums or uncomfortable using sites other than Roblox.

The matter has been noted and will be presented to the Board should any Board members wish to sponsor it.

• 3/22/2013

I must say as a bystander, That will organize the roleplaying into their respective catagories e.g.

The War Of Three Powers:

The Battle of ______

______ Arsenel:

21 Cruiser 

19 Destroyers

______ Arsenel:

257 Corvettes

And also you could give a message to the Newer members informing them about the Wiki as you rank them up.

• 4/23/2013

UPDATE: One will note that this will now be reviewed by the Board of Affairs as established in item 12 of Thread:2739 (Roblox Forum Version).

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