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Mira Laime
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Imperial Asterian Coalition - Official Empire Wiki Page - Input

I'd love to get some input on my empire's official wiki page so far, if anyone would be so kind? Still a lot more to fill in so far but it's starting to take shape and wouldn't want to finish it and discover problems with the present layout after the fact.

Really want the layout to be nice, clean, and as informative as possible as well as sort of giving an almost realistic vibe, the wiki page could be that of any nation or empire out there... if you ignored the mentions to us being an inter-stellar empire consisting of an alien race in a far off galaxy, of course.

I was also thinking maybe we set up either faux organizations or just pages devoted to keeping track of data and ranking people based on it (maybe sourced as from official agencies in each empire? i.e. the Imperial Asterian Coalition Records Department) centered around certain aspects like tracking how large empires are or tracking how large each empire's population is or so on and so forth. These organizations could be used to help keep track of how everyone is doing and certainly help ensure the RP never becomes too centered around any one matter (such as how big your military is or how prosperous your economy is doing, make it easier to persue your own dreams of success in one field while someone else is following theirs in another) and surely would keep things interesting. A lot of great things are sure to come about in this Project, I can already tell!

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Well, maybe you should add maps of your cities and information about them, also I suggest adding in a demographics section.


BTW sorry forgot to log in in phone, it's Titan...

0 wrote:
Well, maybe you should add maps of your cities and information about them, also I suggest adding in a demographics section.

I might, though I'm thinking they'll have their own wiki pages so that'd be where such would generally be/

There is one. :P

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